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Sponsor a Student

Quality education is provided at Mashal Model school since 2008.
There has been a rapid increase in enrolment and we are proud to announce
that between April 2013 and September 2016 560 students have mainstreamed from our schools into
government schools based on merit. We have employed more than 30 teachers from
within the community, provided them with training, who now teach at the school.
This approach not only provides jobs within the community, but also leads towards a stronger and closely bonded community.
As of September 2016 we have 860 students, 52% boys and 48% girls, these include
(60%) who are enrolled free of cost. The students range from 3+ to 18 years,
and assigned to multi-aged classes (play group to Matric) based on an educational assessment.
You can sponsor a child for one years education and school expenses for Rs 2500/- per month
or Rs 30,000 per annum. This sponsorship covers summer and winter uniforms, two pairs of shoes,
text books (National Books Foundation Curriculum), note books and stationary, art materials, school bags
medical and dental checkups, sports and library facilities, and field trips. The costs also include
facility costs, which includes staff salaries, premises rent, and utility bill.

Sponsor a Teaacher:
We are working together. We are hiring the teahers from the local community. We have 60 teachers.
These Teachers come from the same community inside Bari Imam. These girls have studied from FG Colleges in
Islamabad and have been trained by special trainers. The come from families who have been settled in Bari Imam
area from thier forefathers times. Our pay scales are very low as we are a charity school and on avage pay Rs.3500/- per month for
teachers who have bachelor degrees and less than this amount for Intermediate and matric qualification teachers.
If you would like to sponsor a teacher then choose the teachers from the given peoples listed in teachers profiles
and send the amount in the account. Please contact us by using this form if you wish to sponsor a teacher.