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A woman’s touch: On Sunday, cricket became a lady’s game

By Waqas Naeem Published: May 26, 2014


At the base of the Margalla Hills on Sunday, cricket was a lady’s game.

The Pakistan national women’s cricket team and women from foreign missions in Islamabad played a friendly match at the Saidpur Cricket Ground.

The match was organised by Roots Millennium Schools with support from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Australian High Commission.

In a mix-and-balance team arrangement typical of street cricket, the professionals and diplomats formed two mixed teams for the match.

Team Blue, led by Susan Heyword, the wife of the Australian high commissioner, batted first and finished their 15-over innings with a score of 104/3. In reply, Team Green, wearing the Pakistan women’s cricket team’s colours, only managed to score 75.

2014 Sponsor a Child

As of April 2014 we have 533 students, 52% boys and 48% girls, these include 110 orphans (20%) who are enrolled free of cost. The students range from 3+ to 18 years, and assigned to multi-aged classes (play group to Matric) based on an educational assessment.

You can sponsor a child for one years education and school expenses for Rs 2,500/- per month or Rs 30,000 per annum. This sponsorship covers summer and winter uniforms, two pairs of shoes, text books (National Books Foundation Curriculum), note books and stationary, art materials, school bags, medical and dental checkups, sports and library facilities, and field trips. The costs also include facility costs, which includes staff salaries, premises rent, and utility bill.

2014 Student Sponsorship Breakdown

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Every child has a right to an education!

Mashal Model School is a non-profit charity school which provides education to the street children of Bari Imam, Islamabad, Pakistan. Mashal, a registered charity,   follows the National Scheme of studies and Oxford university press curriculum for children who are under privileged. Our mission is to work toward changing the lives of children who otherwise would not have the opportunity. We aspire to drive and inspire street children, educate them, give hope and respect, and promote meaningful life choices. The first rule that we work on as teachers is that physical abuse, in any sense, is non-acceptable, as these children come from a background of constant mistreatment and lack of emotional and directional support. Admissions start from four years onwards and multi-aged children are admitted according to their levels of basic understanding and learning skills. Educating on issues in health and hygiene and particularly protection against abuse is one of the core aims of our modules. At present we have 20 teachers from the same community trained by the Teacher Trainer, keeping in mind the background of these children.

Children from nursery to class - 10 are admitted who have never had the opportunity to go to school before. They have been selling shopping bags, flowers,and sweets at the Darbar since a very young age. Devoid of comfort, security, love and care and have always had to fend for themselves. They are now in Mashal School. Local teachers from the community have been trained in active learning methods of teaching by a professional teacher training workshops conducted at the school special emphasis given to cater for the children's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs. As of May 2014, there are 533 children ranging from play group and Matric. We have 278 boys and 255 girls, 110 of these children are orphans and enrolled in the school for free. All classes cater for multi-aged children. 

Evening Program

Started the Sewing Centre for the women whose children are at the school so that they are able to stitch for there families . At the moment we have enrolled 40 mothers and sisters in these classes.



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